Is a Motor Scooter Dealer Telling You Scooters Are a Green Alternative?

I have to begin with a bit of a disclaimer. I’m not a motor scooter dealer, but I am a big fan of scooters. That is, I’m a big of them in the right situations. I wouldn’t want to cruise cross country in a scooter, nor can I imagine myself on one in a snowstorm. But for getting around cities in temperate climates, I think they’re great.

They have several advantages. They’re highly maneuverable. They get great gas mileage. It’s easy to find a parking place for one. Having your own scooter is a lot more flexible and convenient and gives you greater mobility than depending on public transport.

And of course they’re fun to drive.

But are they environmentally friendly? These days, a lot of motor scooter dealers emphasize the economic aspects of buying a scooter. They’re less expensive to buy and they’re much less expensive to operate. At the same time, dealers also often claim that getting a motor scooter is an environmentally friendly move because they burn so much less gas than a car.

Is that true? Are scooters really a “green” way to get around?

I think the best answer is “It depends.” It depends on several factors, the main ones being which scooter you’re talking about and your definition of green.

Critics of scooters claim that even though they burn less gas than a car, they burn it less cleanly than a car and that scooter emissions are less regulated than automotive. They say that pollutants in the air per mile traveled per person is the determining factor and on that score a scooter can pollute more heavily than a modern hybrid sedan.

That can be true. In the developing world, scooters are common. They are often made using cheaper 2 cycle engines and little advanced engineering to make them as affordable as possible to their target audience. These scooters do emit heavily.

However, top notch brands like Vespa make well-engineered scooters using 4 cycle engines that have very low emissions. As a bonus, they’re quieter as well.

Now the emissions still aren’t zero, and riding your bike or walking remains the least polluting way to get around, but using a scooter can be a reasonable choice.

In the end, it’s a personal choice and very much depends on your situation and your values. I like to think of myself as environmentally minded. I recycle. I compost. I use compact fluorescent light bulbs. I don’t use pesticides in my garden. And I do ride a bike. In short, I try to pay attention.

For me, if I lived in a city I’d be inclined to get a scooter. I’d definitely get one if the public transportation was unreliable or inconvenient. I’d be doing it for convenience, but I’d let the dealer’s claim of it being good for the planet sooth my conscience.

Chevrolet Car Alarm

The Chevrolet car model is produced by General Motors, a company with many customers across the world. China, Mexico, America, Argentina, Brazil and the whole of Europe are regions of high sales for the Chevrolet car model. With such a customer base, the manufacturers of this vehicle appreciate the one need that the owners of this vehicle have after purchasing the vehicle. The security of the owner’s investment is one thing that the manufacturer needs to guarantee these buyers. This is the reason as to why General Motors came up with an alarm system specially designed for the Chevrolet. This alarm system is mostly not an after-market development. It has several security features.

First, the Chevrolet Car Alarm allows the owner of the car to start the car remotely. With the small palm alarm remote control sensor, it is possible for you to automatically start the engine of your car without necessarily using your starter key. This feature enables you to warm your car for some time before using it. This water defroster ability is possible only if the owner of the car is within a distance of up to 1000 feet depending on the environment. You can program your engine to warm your car for 15 or 24 minutes. It is also possible, with the Chevrolet Car Alarm system, to open and lock the doors and windows of your car with your remote control. This makes the work of the owner of the car easier, as well as securing the car.

The Chevrolet Car Alarm also comes with wireless back up cameras and LCD trans-receivers. These give the owner a security advantage of keeping an eye on their car from wherever they are. Whether in the office or shopping, the owner of the Chevrolet watches their car on the LCD monitors. It is therefore possible for the owner of the Chevrolet to detect any malicious actions around their Chevrolet car and report the matter to the authorities for immediate attention.

The ultimate security measure with the Chevrolet Car Alarm is the car immobilizer feature. This feature makes it impossible for the criminal to get away with the car. Once the alarm goes into blares, the immobilizer function switches itself on and makes it impossible for the car to e stolen. Flash lights can also be enabled when arming the alarm. It is therefore possible for the owner of the car to choose whether to use flashlights or sirens, or even use both when the car is in danger. This is a good feature because environments vary.